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The growth is weak, let the light eliminate the bacteria and parasites in the soil, and then apply the base fertilizer to the planting land, so that the fertilizer and the soil can improve the soil fertility and enhance the growth ability of the seedlings. The application of the base fertilizer should be carried out together with the work of the soil preparation. The amount of the base fertilizer should be determined according to the actual area of ​​the soil(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The base fertilizer should use the farmer's fertilizer which has been fully decomposed, and it can be matched with the appropriate amount of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

In recent years, farmers have applied a large amount of chemical fertilizers, ignoring the combination of organic fertilizers and micro-fertilizers, resulting in soil compaction, alkalization, and increased salting, which changed the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Before the pests, the residues and roots of the crops (including the roots and leaves of the green onions) will produce some toxins, such as organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols and hydrocarbons, during the decomposition of the rot, which will obviously inhibit the crops. Role, affecting the growth of the crop itself.

There is no fatality rate for natural enemies, choose strong resistant varieties, take juice, and the snails and cockroaches can be harmed when the environment is wet. Today, after soaking seeds, germination, the onion itself is particularly strong, it is necessary to pay attention to management, and reasonable control of sowing(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Chemical control is the fastest and most efficient way to prevent and cure. Root-feeding pests mainly dominate the roots of the crops in the soil. After the roots of the crops are damaged, they will gradually wither and die.

In winter, the angle of the shed is larger, and the shed is arched to facilitate the use of light. Reasonably matched planting. When planting different varieties of vegetables in plastic greenhouses, they should be rationally planted according to the principle of high in the north and low in the south. When sowing, the seeds are oriented in the same direction. When transplanting, the cotyledons are arranged in parallel, and the specifications are strictly cultivated to make the plants grow neatly and minimize the shading between the plants. The autumn and winter scorpion adopts the east and west scorpion, and the winter and spring scorpion adopts the north and south ridges to make the plants receive light evenly.

At the same time, according to the growth of the vines, the number of melons should be adjusted in time to maintain the balance of the fruits. In the greenhouse, the cultivation of zucchini has a long growing period, and the late stage plants enter the aging stage. If the main vine is aging or poorly grown, it can be appropriately selected to leave 1-2 side vines to appear female flowers, which can promote the side vines(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The zucchini enters the middle and late growth stages, and thick leaves are piled up in the lower part. The ventilation and light transmission are extremely poor, and it is easy to infect diseases.

A full trim must be performed after each season of flowering. It should be lightly trimmed, and the open residual flowers and thin, overlapping and overlapping branches should be cut off in time, leaving the thick and young branches leaving only 3~6 cm from the base, leaving the outer buds and trimming into a natural happy shape, which makes the plants look beautiful. Extend the flowering period. The summer pruning rose flower is the sprouting flower of the grafting rootstock. After the flower, the leaves are cut off the residual flowers and the excess flower buds are removed to reduce the consumption of nutrients.

At this time, the temperature is between 20-25 ° C, which is most suitable for cutting. Using cutting propagation, the cutting pot is better with a new shallow pot of 20 cm diameter, because it has good gas permeability and is easy to root(square grow pots). The culture soil mixed with 20% humus soil, 40% horse dung, and 40% river sand can be used as a substrate. When cutting, use the shoots that are semi-lignified and developed in the current year as the cuttings. The incision is required to be smooth and tidy. The lower leaves are cut off, leaving only 3-4 leaflets at the top.

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The branches are shorter and the incisions in the lower part of the chips should be 0.5 cm below the knot. The cut should be smooth and the lower leaves should be cut, leaving only the top 2 to 3 for the insert, typically about 3 cm deep. Create a root condition(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). A suitable rooting temperature is 20 ° C to 24 ° C, and the general soil temperature is 3 ° C to 5 ° C higher than the temperature is conducive to rooting. The relative humidity of the inserted bed is 80% to 90%, which facilitates rooting and requires about 30% of light.

The leaves of the night come to be yellow and yellow. I believe that the flower lovers who raise the night scent sometimes encounter this problem. In fact, there are many reasons for the yellowing of the night leaves, such as lack of fertilizer, water shortage, pests and so on, which will lead to the night leaves. Yellow, of course, found that the problem is timely treatment, that is, the right amount of watering, which is usually caused by the lack of fertilizer due to the large size of flowers and small pots or long-term changes in potting soil, and for some new soil.

For example, in the north in the next year, when the temperature is high, it needs to be cut once. Cut off the twigs that grow from the soil. Pay attention to the topping of the roots. You can remove the residual flowers in time after the flowering. Pay attention to topdressing to facilitate the next flowering(wholesale greenhouse pots). The first day of Milan's daily pruning is generally in the spring when it is ready to grow and germination, mainly to subtract some of the branches that are withered in winter or damaged by pests and diseases. And the dense branch that is too dense to cause photosynthesis to weaken.

The longer the vegetables are placed, the more susceptible they are to microbial infection. The reproduction of microorganisms not only destroys the nutrients of vegetables, but also reduces the quality of vegetables, and produces toxic and harmful substances. Vegetables absorb nitrogen in the soil, and it is easy to present nitrogen in the form of nitrates, and then synthesize amino acids and proteins. The nitrate is reduced by the vegetable itself or the nitrate reductase produced by the bacteria to produce nitrite.

The green bean sprouts need to be different in the dark environment. Although the sprouts can not grow in direct sunlight, they will grow true leaves, but they also need a brighter scattering light environment(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The process of germination of seedlings and the germination of flowers and plants is a method of padding kitchen paper towels or paper towels on the tray (the napkins are easy to rot with water, not suitable for germination), and the sprouts seeds are spread on paper, evenly. Spray on water and put on a transparent storage bag.

After changing the water, don't bask in the sun. The next day, water is poured again, and the roots are raised for about half a month. It can be moved to the sunny place and transferred to normal management. Milan is a tropical plant that is suitable for growing in a warm and humid environment. It is not cold-tolerant, so it is best to choose the basin for March to May. Of course, other seasons are also possible, but you must choose the hot season, or the flower growth and flowering period of Milan. The basin should be chosen at night or on a rainy day.

Especially avoid frost, place it in a shaded area, or sprinkle grass on the film, keep it out of direct sunlight, and add light at night to help it cut into life. Release the air once or twice a day to supplement the required oxygen and prevent the disease from happening(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Always spray water, keep the insertion bed moderately moist, but the water spray should not be excessive, otherwise the bed is too wet, often affecting the healing of the cuttings. When the new root is inserted to a length of 2 cm to 3 cm, the upper pot can be transplanted at the right time.

After the winter, you should gradually move the flower pot to the outside. Don't rush to move the flower pot out. You can open the window before and after noon to perform ventilation and ventilation exercise. After a few days, move to the outside, if you suddenly encounter cold wave and strong wind. Move back indoors in time, the above is an introduction about how Milan flowers spend the winter. During the growth of leaf seedlings, the nutrients of the mother leaves are absorbed. If the transplanting is too early and the nutrition is insufficient, it is difficult to survive.

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If there is too much water, reduce the watering and move to a sunny place. If it is caused by excessive fertilization, fertilize properly. Before fertilization, check whether the fertilizer is suitable for the growth of tiger plum(propagation tray). Need enough patience, waiting to wait, after the sprouting, you need careful care until you grow up. But hydroponics is one of the easier ways to breed. Convenient and simple, one basin becomes two basins. You can also directly hydroponic, now let me introduce the method.

At present, the soft plug trays after sowing are manually transported to the greenhouse for seedling, and the trays are stacked together during transportation, and the deformation of the trays during the placement also causes the matrix soil and seeds to be squeezed in the trays. Shift, affecting the quality of seedlings. It is of great significance to develop a practical and reliable post-sowing tray placement device to improve the quality of vegetable seedlings and reduce labor intensity.

The tray seedling seedling bed should choose a land with a high terrain, shelter from the wind and a convenient irrigation and drainage field. 10-15 days before planting, build a nursery greenhouse, do a nursery raft, cover the shed to increase the temperature, and prepare two sheds and straw curtains(wholesale nursery pots). According to the specifications of the nursery shed, the bed base is kept in the nursery shed. Generally, the raft is 1.8 meters wide, and the mulch is flattened and then covered with a mulch. The area of ​​the acreage of tomato needs about 20 square meters.

Because the varieties are different, the flowering has morning and evening, so this batch of seedlings, some varieties with flower buds, and some varieties of flower buds have not yet appeared, with the decrease of temperature, the flower buds will gradually emerge. If you want to bring flowers, because the flowering period is inconsistent, you may have to wait for 1 month to ensure most of the flowers. The flowers are mainly white, and the imported small chrysanthemum is divided into two categories: ordinary small chrysanthemum and millet chrysanthemum. Ordinary imported small chrysanthemum, the flowers are larger, 5 to 8 cm in diameter, while the magenta flowers are small, larger than the one-dollar coin.

The celery seeds are small, the 1000-grain weight is only 0.3-0.4g, the young buds have weak top soil ability, the leather is kind, and contains volatile oil which inhibits germination. The water permeability is poor, and the germination is very slow and irregular(plastic grow pots). In combination with the application of the flat sputum technology, the seeds are coated and priming, the surface is smoother and more uniform, and the germination is relatively neat, the emergence size is uniform, and the disease resistance and stress resistance of the seedlings are enhanced.

There are basically no pests and diseases in the seedling period, and there is no need to carry out pest management. However, proper management of topdressing should be carried out. After the seedlings grow to an average of 6-10 cm, that is, 2-3 months, they can be transplanted, and the seedlings are ventilated before transplanting. After the end of the seedlings, the water is moderately watered, 4-5 times a year, combined with watering 15 kg of phosphate fertilizer per acre, 10 kg of urea, timely cultivating alfalfa.

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To change the soil is to remove the old soil, replace it with new soil, and add the base fertilizer, sort out the roots, cut off the roots, rotten roots and long roots. To enlarge the pot diameter is to replace a pot with a larger pot diameter to ensure that the root system has sufficient vegetative growth space(gallon pot). When turning over the basin, it should be slightly dry. When the basin is removed, the bottom of the basin is turned to the sky, and the outer wall of the basin is tapped with the palm of the hand, and the root group will come out. Be careful to shake off the old soil after removing the pot, and cut off the rotten roots, the dead roots and the long roots.

Potting soil should be rich in organic matter: pottery soil with high organic matter content, high fertility, long fertilizer efficiency, good water retention and fertilizer retention, and can release all kinds of nutrients in a balanced manner during cactus plant growth, and promote cactus normal. Growing. The soil of the potting soil should be loose: the potting soil should have a suitable pH(black plastic plant pots): the cactus prefers to grow in a neutral or slightly acidic soil environment, and the optimum soil pH should be around 6-7.

After germination, spread the flat plate, about 1000 per plate. After exposing the true leaves, spray with 2000 times of fertilizer to focus on preventing the disease. When the true leaf grows to the size of the thumb cover, spray the dwarf king or chlorophyll to control it again(plug trays). Eggplant rootstock 5 leaves 1 heart, scion 4 leaves 1 heart, stem diameter 0.3 ~ 0.5cm, grafting during semi-lignification. Grafting must require skilled grafting workers, thorough disinfection, healing period of about 7 days, the film bottom temperature should not be higher than 32 ° C, night temperature should not be lower than 15 ° C.

The device has a simple structure, low cost, and is free from restrictions on electric power or power driving, and the use range is expanded to meet the operation needs of small farmers. However, for large-scale nursery growers, the efficiency is low and the labor intensity is high. [Jishan Huayao] provides a new type of hole puncher based on parallel four-bar mechanism. By rotating the hole plate, the pressure pin on it is used to realize the pressure hole. For different sizes of trays, change the number of pressure plate and pressure pin to match.

Not only meet the needs of small farmers, but also adapt to the needs of large-scale seedling planting. The GS series needle-type seedling seedling seeding device produced by SEEDERMAN of the United States has the advantages of high seeding precision and easy operation(plug trays wholesale). The single-row pressure point device of the matched pin type precision seeding machine adopts air pressure driving, and relies on the cooperation with the crawler belt on the lower working table to realize the effect of moving the pressure hole one row at a time. The pressure point is good for neutrality and the efficiency is 300. Disk / h.

Traditional seedling substrates are usually prepared from grass charcoal, vermiculite and perlite in a certain proportion. However, peat is a non-renewable resource, and rational development of cheap and practical matrix substitutes has become a hot spot in agricultural and horticultural research. Coco peat is a new soilless culture material made from coconut shell outer fiber. It has high water retention capacity and good drainage capacity, suitable pH, good flexibility, degradable, renewable, and low price.

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Generally, only scattered light can be provided to ensure smooth ventilation in the curing environment, and the ambient temperature and air humidity should be appropriate. After the plants have successfully served, they will gradually resume normal maintenance management. When we found that there was too much watering, Yulu was drought-tolerant and water-resistant(square nursery pots). Its fleshy “Robgen” was easily rotted due to excessive watering. During the slow seedling period, it was necessary to control the light. After a while, the mother leaves would Germination began to appear.

Because spreading will inevitably cause some of the seeds to be too close to each other, nutrient competition will occur during the budding, thus reducing the rate of emergence. After placing the seeds on the culture soil, we will use a fine mouth pot to spray water and moisturize. Then, the seedling bed is covered with a transparent plastic film or transparent glass sheet, which can effectively reduce the water loss and achieve the moisturizing effect, which plays a very good guarantee for the seed.

But the roots and healthy branches can still be recovered. We only need to cut off the frosted branches, then put the eucalyptus in a warm environment, and the eucalyptus will slowly sprout. Seeds prepared in advance are sown into the culture soil(black nursery pots). Seeding is not recommended for sowing. The bottom layer of the basin recommends that everyone use large granules of ceramsite to improve the drainage effect of the pelvic floor. If you do not consider economic factors, then the growth of Yulu will be better.

In the environment of high temperature difference and high humidity, the state of jade dew is the best, so many flower friends choose to suffocate the jade, then the jade can just be swelled in the basin, in fact, it should not be suffocated when the root system is not long. . Suffocating must have a good root system, so that plants will not have problems in a sultry environment. Yulu has a weak root system in the upper basin, which will cause the plant to stop growing in a closed environment, and if it is serious, it will cause the plant to rot.

Then we need to properly topdress so that we can meet their normal growth needs. However, for Yushu, topdressing is usually carried out in the spring and autumn season when the basin is filled with pots or potted for 2-3 years. It is necessary to add some decomposed organic fertilizer as base fertilizer in the pot(black plastic plant pots). In order to meet the needs of its rapid growth, but also to promote its germination, to maintain its leaves more fresh green, more ornamental conditions can be properly topdressed.

According to the seedling age and transplanting period, more than 50 holes are used for grafting seedlings. Before seeding, the tray should be disinfected first, and the tray can be soaked with the solution of the mildew solution. It can also be disinfected with potassium permanganate solution, especially the old tray. The choice of matrix is ​​an important link in the seedling substrate seedling cultivation. Many seedling factories and vegetable growers in production are caused by the slow selection of the seedlings and the yellow leaves.

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It is a relatively expensive flower, and the water quality also has certain requirements. You can not use the water in the water pipe that has just been taken out. You can take the water out and put it outside, and then dry it for a while. After that, it can be used normally, so that the chlorine inside can be volatilized and cleaned, so as not to cause damage to the plants(cell trays). Even if you apply water to it, you must pay attention to the amount of water, and you should not cause too much burden, otherwise it will cause damage to the plant.

After pouring this time, do not wait until the soil is dry and do not need to be poured again. After the growth is stable, apply water according to the normal frequency. The stage of normal growth can be ensured by water supply. If it is in the flowering stage, the water should be suspended, otherwise the flower bud will fall. Spring: The germination of spring is very strong, but it doesn't need too much water. It can be applied once every 7-15 days, as long as the soil is not overly dry. The summer climate is relatively high, and the evaporation is still relatively large, so it can be 5-7 days.

At this time, changing the basin is more suitable, the climate is milder, it will not stimulate the plant, and the plant is also easy to recover when it is in the germination stage, and it is more favorable in the later growth. Within a few days before changing the pot, you can suspend the water so that it can come out of it(gallon pot). First use a shovel along the perimeter, then pour out the plants with one hand, remove the accumulated soil on the top, trim the roots, and remove some old roots and rotten roots.

The winter climate is cold and the growth will be slow, so you can suspend the water. When changing the soil, you must first understand the appropriate time. It can shorten the recovery period in a suitable time. It is recommended that you spend the sunny days in the spring. If you encounter a cloudy or rainy day, you should first slow down and wait until the weather gets fine. To change it, you must first pour it out of the basin.

However, if the pot friends want to cut aloe from other adult plants for cutting, we only need to remove the side buds or branches, so the survival rate of the aloe leaves is very high. We can cut about 5-10 cm of new shoots from the position of the spider mites on the mother plant as cuttings, then cut off the leaves on the side of the base, place them in a cool, ventilated place to dry the wound, and the incision will take about 1-2 days(square grow pots). Dry out and then insert into the culture medium.

Finally, cover a layer of thick soil until it is suitable for the white stems of the seedlings. In order to make aloe vera grow stronger, it is necessary to give it a water, and it should be placed in a humid environment as much as possible. If the soil is relatively dry, it will prevent it from growing in the absence of water. The soil that suits it is the key to its growth. It should use more permeable, drained soil, which also contains higher organic matter.

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Fertilizer is the source of nutrients needed for flower growth, which directly affects the growth and development of flowers. For different plants, at different stages of growth, timely and appropriate application of the required nutrients, in order to make the flowers grow lush foliage, flowers and flowers. Fertilizer formed by organic fertilizer, animal residue or excrement after processing and fermenting. The nutrients contained in the organic fertilizer contain complete nutrients. After being applied to the soil, the nutrients are gradually decomposed. Although the effect is slow, the fertilizer is long, and the soil can be improved, which is beneficial to the development of the root system and the beneficial fungi of the soil.

When succulent plants are ventilated, they are sultry. Suffocation refers to the cultivation of succulents in indoor plastic pots that are not ventilated. The succulent succulents include cactus and jade dew such as naked pheasant, pocket, and garden peony, and 12 volumes such as Shou(black plastic nursery pots). The most common succulent succulent plant is the plant of the cactaceae family. Suffocating allows plants to grow in the most reasonable indoor plastic flowerpots, allowing plants to exhibit the fastest growth rate, the most standard characteristics, the most beautiful appearance.

When planting, first put the soil in the pot. When the plant is planted together with the soil ball, fill it and fill the soil ball that the plant originally brought. It does not need to be too deep (except for some special plants). After the plants are planted, the next step is to slow down the seedlings. If you do not need to change the pots, you can skip this step and go directly to the slow seedlings. Watering after changing the basin is a must. It is best to pour through it. Do not pour half of the water. This watering is also called root water. The purpose is to make the root and soil tightly combined.

Flower plants can be warmed by the following methods: water splashing on the ground. The winter climate is relatively dry, pouring some water into the room, keeping a certain air humidity, and raising the indoor temperature by 1 °C - 2 °C. Square environment. The square-shaped room has the best warmth, so it's best to put the flowers in a square room. Keep warm and ventilated. Doors and windows that are not opened are best sealed with a cloth strip, and a warm cloth curtain is attached to the glass at night.

In short, family flowers should not be greedy and arrogant, and you should choose some species that are small in shape, beautiful in appearance, and harmless to the human body. Fight for the name and profit. Some flower lovers believe that raising flowers requires raising famous flowers, because the value of famous flowers is high and the market is profitable(plug trays). Under this psychological control, they spared no expense and went around to buy famous flowers and trees. The result is often due to the lack of good green maintenance conditions and management techniques, so that the flowers will soon die when they are bought, which is not only a valuable flower but also a waste of money. This is a misunderstanding of the concept.

It is recommended to use a pressure watering can to prevent this from happening. Add fertilizer: first put a layer of culture soil, as long as the soil can cover the red jade soil below, and then add a small amount of fertilizer. However, when placing potted flowers, they should be placed according to the adaptability of various flowers to temperature and light. The upper layer can be placed in Milan, jasmine and succulent plants. The middle layer can be placed in rhododendron, camellia and bamboo. Under the bottom and the flower stand, some shade-resistant foliage plants, bonsai or piles can be placed.

At this time, the crowded leaves can be properly removed (the picked leaves can be cut and propagated) to facilitate ventilation and light transmission. Fertilization: All my flowers are horseshoes. I don't give fertilizer to African violets. If you want to fertilize, it is recommended to use more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, use less nitrogen fertilizer, prevent the leaves from being long, and fertilize them with thin fertilizers(propagation tray). A leaf, this spring has bred four seedlings out. I sent a classmate, and the remaining three were squeezing in a basin; nevertheless, it was still a flower bud.

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There are a variety of plastic flower pots in use, whether it is color or style, the flowers should be matched with the beautiful flower pots to complement each other and have a better viewing effect. Use the sun room glass to borrow the spring outside, but these will be slightly monotonous. Therefore, the shape and color of the green plants need to be used to enhance the overall beauty and comfort of the interior of the house. Putting pink and yellow flowers and plants together will be very harmonious.

Flowers can regulate the temperature and beautify the environment. The grapes on the balcony scaffolding, the climbing plants around the window and on the walls prevent direct sunlight and lower the room temperature. The flowers on the balcony can be used to spring flowers, green shades, summer autumn leaves, winter snow and pines, and beautify the environment. Enrich life and invigorate the spirit. When you work hard, you can see the safflower green leaves and smell the scent of flowers. You can feel refreshed and tired.

In order to ensure the water permeability and permeability of plastic flower pots, the flower pots are often cleaned. Be especially careful when moving flower pots or transplanting plants to avoid the plastic pots being violently collided, causing the pots to be damaged. At the same time, care should be taken to maintain the pattern on the surface of the flower pot to avoid scratches and damage the ornamental nature of the plastic flower pot. After a period of use, many plastic flower pots will grow green moss or saline-based substances on the pot wall. This will easily block the pores of the basin wall and affect the appearance of the flowerpot.

The leaves of the flower are yellow, accompanied by symptoms such as mosaic, curling, and shrinkage. The reason may be caused by a viral disease. Countermeasures: At present, there is no cure for specific drugs, and the diseased leaves can be removed in time. In severe cases, the diseased plants are burned to prevent further spread(seed starting trays). In addition to the temperature problem, the winter air humidity is relatively heavy, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture protection of the flower pot, although the plastic flower pot will not rust, but too moist is not conducive to the storage of the flower pot. Then there is the fire problem.

Domesticated flowers are susceptible to diseases such as leaf spot and rot, and the main pests are red spiders and aphids. So before the winter, cut off the flowers and pests and branches, move into the first week of the room, it is best to open the windows to ventilate. With the widespread use of printers, copiers and other equipment in the office, plus carpets, adhesives, etc., the office air is polluted to varying degrees. Compared with the dust and car exhaust everywhere on the road, the indoor air pollution is several times that of the outdoor.

The diameter of the bowl mouth is roughly the same as the diameter of the plant crown. Usually, the new flowerpots are better than the old ones, and the ventilating water permeability is ideal. The new flowerpots can not only permeable and hydrating, but also alleviate the fertilizer efficiency, and the heat absorption and heat dissipation are fast, and the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large(fabric planter bags). Decomposition in fertilizers, root respiration and growth are beneficial. Therefore, the choice of flower pots is very important for flowers, so be sure to pay attention when choosing!

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Many people know that cactus and prickly pears are suitable for being placed next to computers and used for radiation protection. Cactus is a tropical plant that has a strong absorption of light and absorbs electromagnetic radiation from invisible computers. The cactus's thorns emit negative ions that neutralize the harmful effects of positive ions in the radiation, and the cactus can also absorb dust near the computer.

Through a process similar to photosynthesis, green radish can decompose toxic substances in the air and then convert them into plant-derived substances. Chlorophytum is a small expert in purifying air. It has many leaves and fast propagation speed(wilson garden). It can absorb harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc. It not only purifies the air but also prevents radiation, which is very suitable for placing in the office.

It can absorb toxic gases harmful to the human body and release oxygen that is beneficial to the human body. The stomata on the succulent stem of the tiger skin are closed during the day and open at night to absorb harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, phenol and trichloroethylene, and release oxygen to increase the concentration of favorable negative ions in the air. Therefore, Tiger Piran is also the preferred environmentally friendly indoor plant for home and office.

Comrades at work, especially those in the IT industry, must prepare a pot of such plants. You should know that long-term computer radiation directly affects your endocrine system and accelerates aging. A pot of radiation baby can not only help you reduce radiation, but also take a look when our eyes are tired, relieve fatigue and make you feel happy. Fall in love with a flower and let it bloom. Flower has always been a beautiful word in our imagination or in real life.

If you want to raise flowers, you must master certain cultivation techniques. Let's share the experience of flower cultivation techniques. The first is to choose the soil for flower cultivation, which is the key to ensuring the growth of flowers. The soil to be planted should be selected according to its type. You can first understand the origin of the flower you are planting, see what characteristics of the soil it has, and then choose the soil. In fact, people who really cherish flowers believe that I don't have to teach more.

These culture soils are rich in nutrients, and most of the flowers can grow well with it. Illumination is also a very important condition for raising flowers, which is determined by the characteristics of the flowers themselves and their growing habits. In the summer, the sun is violent, and some plants that cannot be exposed to strong light should be shaded(plug trays wholesale). The cultivation effect of flowers is good, and watering plays a key role. Different flowers, its water demand is also different, should be watered according to their growth habits.

For example, many people like succulents, and succulents should be watered once a week; others like aquatic flowers, and aquatic flowers are inseparable from water anyway. There is also that indoor flowers should be watered less, outdoor flowers should be watered more; water should be watered in summer and watered in winter. Fertilizer is also a necessary condition for the good growth of flowers. Generally speaking, the flower growth period should be properly fertilized, while in other periods, the fertilizer is less.

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Flowers are extremely important plants in modern garden art, with a wide variety, colorful and ornamental. We often see a variety of flowers indoors and outdoors, but little is known about how to grow flowers, so many people take care of flowers. There are many types of flowers and a wide range. It includes not only plants with flowers, but also mosses and ferns. The flowers are not only ornamental, but also have a variety of beautiful and elegant floral meanings.

Millenium, a neutral plant, suitable for semi-shade planting. As long as you care about millennium wood, you can keep the pot moist, keep fertilizing, and keep it ventilated and breathable. It can grow for a long time. The millennium wood is placed indoors, and its leaves and roots are able to effectively absorb harmful gases and break them down into non-toxic substances, which are unmatched by other plants.

Ivy is also a neutral plant that is warm and sunny and suitable for planting in semi-shaded areas(large plastic terracotta pots). Usually pay attention to the amount of water, keep the soil moist, ventilated and ventilated, and fertilize regularly to grow well. Ivy can effectively counteract carcinogens in nicotine, which absorbs harmful substances through tiny pores in the leaves and converts them into harmless sugars and amino acids.

In normal care, care should be taken to keep the soil moist and regularly fertilized, and the leaves need to be sprayed frequently to keep the air moist. White palm is an "expert" that suppresses human body exhaust. It can also filter harmful gases such as formaldehyde in the air. The high evaporation rate of the white palm prevents the nasal mucosa from drying out, greatly reducing the likelihood of illness.

It is the best natural humidifier to evaporate one liter of water a day. In addition, it can effectively purify indoor air. Water not only keeps green, it also cleans the pores of the leaves. Green radish can not accept strong light, it is suitable for indoor lighting, watering every day, keeping the soil moist rather than water, water is easy to breed mosquitoes. Fertilize once every two months to make the leaves more shiny and bright, but avoid direct contact with the leaves.

The cultivation of green radish indoors can effectively absorb the chemicals in the air and dissolve the residual odor after decoration. Watering should be watered, and depending on the season and temperature, it is best to keep the soil moist(ground cover weed control). The green emperor grows at a suitable temperature of 20 to 30 ° C, the air humidity is not less than 70%, and the autumn temperature should be maintained above 14 ° C. The basin is replaced once a year in spring and the dead leaves and old leaves are removed to keep the trees beautiful.

Brown Bamboo: It is more like a warm, humid, well-ventilated semi-shade environment, not resistant to water, but it is resistant to the cathode. In the summer, when the heat is very strong, it should be properly blocked. What is indoor plants that purify the air? Named after bamboo and other thin stems, it can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases when releasing oxygen, which has a good elimination effect on heavy metal pollution. Planting is also very convenient, just place it in a place with light and water.

Palm tree: It can remove ammonia from the air very well. It has the characteristics of strong cold resistance, low tolerance to negatives and low risk of pests and diseases. It is also easy to feed, but usually requires trimming the tip. Suitable for growth in moist neutral or slightly acidic soils. About the money tree, it is green all year round. The biggest advantage is that it absorbs harmful gases and is carried out by photosynthesis.

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The growth is weak, let the light eliminate the bacteria and parasites in the soil, and then apply the base fertilizer to the planting land,...